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Your child’s first visit to an orthodontist represents an important step in their development. By helping foster their appreciation for dental care and developing an orthodontic treatment plan early, you’re helping to put them on the path to lasting health. Every child should get a screening with an orthodontic specialist no later than age 7.

Can Any Dentist Provide Orthodontic Care For Children?

Ideally, a child’s first visit to a dentist should occur not long after their very first baby tooth begins to emerge. These early visits allows dental professionals to clean your child’s teeth and promote hygiene habits that will serve them all their lives. However, not every dentist will be equipped to identify signs of potential orthodontic issues.

An orthodontic specialist like Dr. DeQuattro will detect any problems with your child’s bite or tooth alignment before they can become apparent. This allows for a treatment strategy to be planned out in advance and for corrective steps to be taken before symptoms progress. With prompt care, we’ll help ensure that your child grows into the beautiful straight smile that they deserve.

Common Questions about Pediatric Dental Care

Below, you can view answers to some of the common questions parents have about dental care for their young children.

Why should my child consult with an orthodontist early?
What’s the best time for treatment?
What benefits can early orthodontic treatment offer my child?
What are the warning signs of orthodontic issues in children?

Why should my child consult with an orthodontist early?

Early diagnosis is the key to rapid and effective treatment. Delaying an orthodontic consultation can lead to extended treatment times, cause a potential problem to get worse and limit results.

What’s the best time for treatment?

As a general rule, children should be evaluated for symptoms of orthodontic issues before the age of 7.

AAO orthodontic specialists have the skills and training to detect warning signs and can offer the best treatment at the right age. There is usually an optimal time in your child’s life to achieve the best results, so you won’t regret getting an early consultation.

What benefits can early orthodontic treatment offer my child?

Early orthodontic treatment has many benefits and advantages for children, including:

  1. Guiding permanent teeth into a more favorable position
  2. Helping develop facial/jaw growth
  3. Correcting harmful oral habits
  4. Reducing the severity of the case and subsequent future treatment
  5. Improving your child’s bite alignment
  6. Promoting your child’s self-confidence

What are the warning signs of orthodontic issues in children?

Some warning signs of orthodontic issues can be difficult to detect. See an orthodontist if you notice any of the following:

  1. Crowded, misplaced or blocked out teeth
  2. Thumb-sucking
  3. Jaws that are too far forward or back
  4. Breathing constantly through the mouth
  5. Difficulty in chewing or biting
  6. An unbalanced facial appearance

Help Protect a Lifetime of Smiles

With the care and expertise of Dr. DeQuattro and his staff, your child can get the early orthodontic attention they need to achieve lasting oral health. If your child is approaching seven years old, protect their smile by scheduling their first orthodontic evaluation.

No dentist referral is needed for your child’s first orthodontic screening. You can make an appointment by visiting our contact page. Alternatively, call our Wakefield office at (401) 783-9890 or our Westerly office at (401) 596-2264.

Orthodontists receive an additional 2 to 3 years of specialized education beyond dental school to learn the proper way to align teeth and correct bites. Only those who successfully complete this formal education may call themselves orthodontists, and only orthodontists can be members of the American Association of Orthodontists.

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