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Technology is constantly changing to improve our lives, and dental technology is the same. Our team at DeQuattro Orthodontics uses dental technology to ensure all our patients get the comfort and safety they need for a more pleasant visit. Our Wakefield and Westerly orthodontist, Dr. Frank DeQuattro, uses the iTero® 3D Scanner to ensure fast and accurate images of your teeth. Learn more about our state-of-the-art technology and its benefits.

What Is The iTero 3D Scanner?

The iTero® Element 3D Scanner is a groundbreaking dental imaging tool that uses advanced optical scanning and laser technology to capture highly accurate 3D images of your teeth and gums. Unlike old-fashioned impression methods using silicone trays and goopy putty, the iTero scanner quickly captures over 300 2D images in seconds and stitches them together to create an intricate 3D model. 

The iTero 3D Scanner is also a highly beneficial part of orthodontic treatments like Invisalign. By using the iTero 3D Scanner alongside the Invisalign Outcome Simulator, you can actually see your new smile before you even start!

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Benefits of iTero 3D Scanner

When comparing to traditional physical impressions, the iTero 3D scanner offers many advantages:

  • Comfortable, fast, and easy 
  • Accurate and precise scans
  • Real-time images eliminate retakes from traditional X-rays
  • The digital model enables advanced treatments like Invisalign
  • Enhanced aligner fit from precise models
  • Track progress at every appointment

What to Expect During a Scan

Getting scanned with iTero is a quick and easy process. No preparation is needed — you can get scanned immediately at the start of your appointment.

  1. First, Dr. DeQuattro or one of our dental team members will use the wand of the scanner to capture images of your tooth surfaces and gum tissues. The wand only uses visible light, not radiation.
  2. As we scan each tooth from all angles, you’ll be able to watch the real-time images onscreen as your teeth are digitally built into a 3D model. This eliminates the need for retakes, unlike traditional X-rays.
  3. Within minutes, the 2D photos stitch together to reveal your teeth in full 3D detail! You’ll be able to interactively view your teeth from all angles right on the screen.
  4. From start to finish, the average scan takes around five minutes. Many patients find the process fast, easy, and even enjoyable compared to traditional physical impressions.
  5. The 3D model produced will allow Dr. DeQuattro to precisely plan and create your personalized orthodontic treatment.

iTero’s Advantages Over Traditional Dental Impressions

Traditional physical impressions use silicone trays filled with putty to create a mold of your teeth. The iTero scanner offers many improvements over traditional physical dental impressions:

  • Comfortable, fast, and easy process – no messy putty or gagging
  • Extreme precision down to 30 microns for accuracy
  • Real-time images prevent retakes needed with traditional X-rays
  • The digital model enables advanced treatments like Invisalign
  • Precise aligner fit from accurate digital models
  • Track progress precisely at every appointment
  • No lengthy process for shipping physical molds
  • Enhanced visualization for better treatment planning
  • Better patient experience and satisfaction

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the iTero 3D Scanner safe?
Is the iTero scanning process uncomfortable?
What makes the iTero 3D Scanner better than other technology?
Is a scan necessary if I’m not getting orthodontic treatment?
Is the iTero 3D Scanner safe?

Yes, the iTero scanner is completely safe to use. It doesn’t use radiation, only visible light and laser technology to capture images. There are no health risks associated with getting iTero scans.

Is the iTero scanning process uncomfortable?

No, the iTero scanning process is not uncomfortable. You may feel some slight pressure as the wand glides over your teeth, but there’s no pain. The wand tip is smooth and works much like a camera.

What makes the iTero 3D Scanner better than other technology?

iTero 3D Scanner makes it easier for your orthodontist to see your teeth without the need to use trays that need to be pressed into your mouth to make impressions. This makes for a more comfortable and streamlined visit.

Is a scan necessary if I’m not getting orthodontic treatment?

The 3D scans allow orthodontists and dentists to see your full dental picture, enabling a variety of treatments beyond just orthodontics. A scan can also detect cavities and other issues not visible on X-rays. Getting a periodically updated scan is recommended for overall dental health.

Experience the Difference With iTero 3D Scanner

By using our iTero 3D Scanner, your visit will be a more pleasant experience. To get started on your orthodontic treatment plan, call our Wakefield office at (401) 783-9890 or our Westerly office at (401) 596-2264 to schedule an appointment today. 

You can also book an appointment online, and one of our staff will be happy to assist you. We’re proud to provide services to South Kingstown, Charlestown, Weekapaug, RI, and surrounding areas.

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