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The LightForce Orthodontic System

If you’re considering straightening your teeth, you might have wondered why traditional braces haven’t changed much over the years. The truth is, not all orthodontic solutions are created equal. Enter LightForce, the revolutionary orthodontic system that’s personalized for your unique smile. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, Lightforce customizes 3D printed brackets that are designed for each tooth based on the specific adjustments your smile needs.

LightForce represents the cutting edge of truly personalized orthodontic care, allowing Dr. Frank DeQuattro to deliver perfect smiles more efficiently than ever before. Thanks to a sophisticated suite of digital modeling and planning utilities, every adjustment can be planned out and predicted. You won’t find this technology at every dental office, as Dr. DeQuattro is the first orthodontist in Rhode Island that’s qualified to offer this incredible opportunity to his patients.

Read on to discover what LightForce could mean for your smile.

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The LightForce Difference

As the first and only fully custom orthodontic bracket system, LightForce has advantages that more traditional methods can’t match. Instead of receiving the same metal brackets as any other patient, LightForce brackets are 3D printed for 100% customized appliances. This means that each bracket is fabricated to fit the tooth it will rest upon and accommodate the exact adjustments that need to be made.

Before treatment begins, the LightForce suite of digital tools allows for the alignment process to be planned in advance. Even complicated cases are made predictable, so you can count on the projected results and treatment timeline. There’s no guesswork or backtracking! Every step of your orthodontic care efficiently brings you closer to the perfect smile you deserve.

Benefits of LightForce

Several qualities of the LightForce system place it head and shoulders above traditional orthodontic treatment methods. Some of these benefits and advantages include:

  • Quicker, more efficient treatments
  • Less appointments and check-ups
  • Enhanced certainty of outcomes
  • Fewer unnecessary tooth movements
  • Superior comfort
  • Optimal results for beautiful smiles

The LightForce Process

When you decide to pursue orthodontic treatment with LightForce, detailed digital scans will be taken of your teeth. These images allow for a 3D digital representation of your smile to be rendered in the LightForce virtual platform. Here, Dr. Dequattro can plan the specific adjustments to each tooth necessary for creating your perfect smile.

Based on the unique requirements for shifting a tooth into its proper position, a ceramic bracket is 3D printed for the ideal fit. In addition to the enhanced comfort of a personalized form factor, LightForce brackets are individually customized to gently place appropriate pressure on each tooth. Force can be exerted along any plane or axis, meaning that the system can accommodate unique cases with equally unique treatments. With LightForce, Dr. DeQuattro can address crowded, rotated, and misaligned teeth and bites with maximum efficiency.

Like any orthodontic treatment, follow-up visits are necessary to check on your progress. However, fewer of these appointments are required thanks to the advanced planning and modeling technology that drives LightForce. Check-ups are also shorter, as LightForce brackets typically shouldn’t need to be removed and reattached to achieve different phases of treatment. Thanks to their customized fit, LightForce brackets are less likely to fall off or come loose, helping to avoid emergency visits and delays in your progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are LightForce braces worth it?
Is LightForce treatment painful?
How long is the LightForce treatment?
Are LightForce braces worth it?

LightForce braces are entirely customized to complement your dental needs. This makes the treatment experience faster and more efficient compared to traditional braces. LightForces ceramic brackets are more discreet than metal brackets, making them invisible to the eyes. Unlike traditional braces, your dentist can adjust your treatment plan to ensure you’re on the right track and that there’s no delay.

Is LightForce treatment painful?

No, LightForce treatment isn’t painful. Since LightForce is 100 percent customized to the structure of your mouth, your treatment results in less discomfort and pain. You won’t have to worry about your braces irritating your gums and teeth during your treatment experience.

How long is the LightForce treatment?

With LightForce and digital scans, Dr. DeQuattro is able to plan your treatment and see the end results. On average, traditional braces can last up to two years or more. With LightForce, your treatment can take half the time or less than traditional metal braces.

See What LightForce Could Mean For Your Smile

LightForce is an enormous leap forward for orthodontic technology. If you’re concerned with the shortcomings of traditional braces, you’ll be amazed how simply and easily the process with LightForce lets you achieve the results you’ve been looking for.

Dr. Frank DeQuattro and his team are proud to be the first to make this cutting-edge solution available to Rhode Island patients. Schedule a consultation and see why LightForce is the best choice for achieving your dream smile quickly, comfortably, and without complications. Reach out to our Wakefield office at (401) 783-9890 or our Westerly office at (401) 596-2264, or visit our contact page to schedule an appointment online.

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