Retainer Instructions

Retainers are given after the completion of orthodontic treatment. It is important that your retainers are worn according to our instructions. If not, your teeth may shift back to their previous position! Only you can keep your teeth straight from this point on.

  • Wear your retainers 24 hours a day for the first 3 months, unless otherwise instructed. Take them out for eating and brushing. After the initial 3 months of FULL TIME wear, you will then wear your retainers EVERY NIGHT until the age of 20 as facial growth continues throughout the teen years. Retainers should then be worn at least 1 night per week throughout life for there is not a specific end-point to your retention period. Should you find that your retainer is not fitting properly, you lose it, you break it, or you can not wear it for any reason at all it is imperative that you contact our office immediately. This could be a result of shifting of the teeth and you will need to wear the retainer more often. There is a charge to replace lost or broken retainers, so please be careful.
  • Dr. DeQuattro will supervise the wear of your retainer. He will advise when you can cut back on wearing your retainer. Keep your scheduled retainer check appointment, as we will be monitoring 3 months of your retention (which is included in your original treatment fee). Retainer adjustments after 3 months may incur a charge.
  • Take care of your retainers. Brush all parts thoroughly with a toothbrush and water daily. To keep them fresh, soak them in cool water with denture cleaner. NEVER wash your retainers in hot water or leave near a hot surface, for this may damage their shape and your retainers will no longer fit. You may take the retainers out to eat and drink, but NEVER place them in a towel or napkin as they may be accidentally thrown out or broken. Also, keep your retainers and case away from dogs or other pets because they WILL chew them.