Brushing Instructions

Brushing your teeth while in Orthodontic Treatment can be challenging at times, but with the correct techniques it eventually becomes easier.

First and foremost you need to make sure that you are brushing after each meal even at school! Keeping a pocket toothbrush with you will help when you are not at home.

Typically you should be brushing for approximately two minutes (one minute per each arch.) While brushing you should ALWAYS see the bristles under the arch wires allowing the food and plaque to loosen in order to be removed. Flossing followed by a fluoride rinse will now be part of your nightly brushing routine.

Make sure you are brushing all surfaces of the teeth as well as your gum line. If brushing is not done correctly, plaque and food debris will harm both the tooth enamel as well as gum tissue. White spot formation (decalcification) will soon be detected as well as red swollen gum tissue otherwise known as gingivitis. White spot formation is irreversible and will be visible forever. White spot formation can be avoided but only by you. Please brush as instructed.

At each appointment Dr. DeQuattro and his assistants will be checking your hygiene. If your hygiene needs to improve they will show you the proper way to brush and may show you some areas that have been missed.

If your oral hygiene does not improve, you will be asked to been seen by your general dentist on a more frequent basis and your Orthodontic Treatment may be put on hold. Keep in mind poor oral hygiene is not only detrimental to your smile but your health as well!!